Deep Down Arts: The Virtual Exhibition

Deep Down Arts as a Virtual Exhibition: A Story of Shared Visions in Search of New Opportunities

Deep Down Arts, is a movement built on the visions that the arts create infinite opportunities to inspire, build bridges and break down barriers. The idea for the exhibition Deep Down found its origins in the dream of Dr Manuel Guerrero and the response of Don Carlos Garcia Ponce of the Macay Foundation, whose support made it a reality to feature 150 artists with Down syndrome. Dr Esther Joosa joined Manuel in the journey to shape the exhibition into a global movement.

The exhibition in Merida was an immense success with 150 artists featuring their work and the attendance was almost 19,000  visitors  from  all  corners  of  Mexico,  including artists  from  Canada,  Australia, and Germany. People who never imagined knowing each other  formed  a  community united by art and disability.

When Covid19 appeared and borders closed, new opportunities appeared. Currently the exhibition is  adopted by Arts of the Earth and curated as an online exhibition, to open on 08 November 2021. Other plans are to feature regular engagement with artists, parents and disability organisations, arts education programs and artist support. This difficult time has not stopped us from advancing Deep Down Arts and as the exhibition will open on 08 November with an exciting program of seminars and education workshops.

Giving leadership to Deep Down Arts, we believe that the momentum that led to Mérida has not been lost, and is just the beginning.


Warmest regards,

Esther Joosa

Manuel Guerrero Legarreta

September, 2021

We’ll meet soon virtually: 08 November

The seminar Visions on Intellectual Disability, had the a large attendance including participating artists, persons with disabilities and caregivers from Australia, Canada, Germany and Mexico. As the leading forces of Deep Down Arts, Dr Manuel Guerrero presented on the events leading to the exhibition, while Dr Esther Joosa presented on the value of the arts and disability. Other presenters included representatives of various Mexican support organisations.

and it was held at the magnificent enclosure of Ministry for Economic Development

There were visitors from all over Mexico

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