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In this section we are publishing short profiles from the artists.

Down Syndrome Society of Bangladesh

Letter to Artists

Dear artists, parents, carers and teachers,

That this difficult time has stopped us from advancing Deep Down Arts does not mean that the momentum that led us to Mérida has been lost.

The exhibition was a success; as you will have seen on our website the attendance was almost 19,000  visitors  from  all  corners  of  Mexico,  plus  some  from  Canada,  Australia, Germany and Singapore. People who never imagined knowing each other  formed  a  community united by art and disability – which amply showed us all that it   more than disability is a high capacity in the field of art.

Today, more than ever, we must maintain as a sign of hope the light we received from you, artists. There are many plans: certainly our next stage will be in Singapore, at the first opportunity that this is possible. There will be travelling exhibitions and we are counting that getting to know each other was not a single event. There is much research material, the publications of which will be made known to all of you.

Thanks to the digital avenue we will be able to keep in touch. We are preparing brief profiles of each and every one of the participants that we will publish on the website, and we have created the email as a communication channel.

Warmest regards,

Manuel Guerrero Legarreta

Mexico City, 20th April 2020

We’ll meet soon in Singapore

At the inauguration we had the honour of receiving several visitors, from Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Mexico.
The colloquium “Visions on intellectual disability” had a large attendance.

and it was held at the magnificent enclosure of Ministry for Economic Development

There were visitors from all over Mexico

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